All-Terrain Resort - the most private resort

All-terrain resort offers everything expected from a luxurious canvas resort and beyond. Unlike stationary resorts, ATR travels with you to the places you want to explore and enjoy for as long as you desire. Whether you are by yourself with family or friends, old or young, ATR offers the perfect canvas resort experience for everyone. ATR can be ordered for purchase and soon be rented.

Expand your recreation territory with style

British Columbia offers thousands of backroads, recreation and wilderness sites mass tourism can not access with common recreation vehicles, but ATR can. Unlike traditional camping, ATR creates the glamorous camping experience known as glamping. Glamping is a fast growing worldwide trend confirming peoples desire for unique accomodations in unique places.

ATR - its own glamping class

ATR accepted the challenge to pioneer with a product that aesthetically ranks into the top category of famous canvas resorts such as Longitude131 Resort in Autralia, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada, or Signita Tented Camp in Africa, but is more affordable, easy transportable and quickly setup. The outcome is a product of its own class.

Swiss engineered - manufactured in Canada

ATR is Swiss engineered and proudly manufactured in Canada. We wanted to incorporate the typical values known from products engineered in Switzerland, while at the same time build and test the product in the country known for its vast wilderness and worldclass outdoor sports. A product that passes the Canadian extremes is fit for any market.

Unlimited outdoor recreation

ATR lets you create your ultimate recreation resort experience. Enjoy your favourite outdoor activity at your prefered location and cook the fanciest gourmet meals. ATR offers a professional kitchen, comfortable kingsize bed, warm shower, air conditioning, lots of storage space and roof cargo capacity to transport your sport equipment.