About ATR

With ATR we wanted to create a product that allows anyone to enjoy the great outdoors without compromise. Lets face it traditional camper trailer are usually only used few weeks per year, require a towing truck, paid parking space and are not build for back country roads. But ATR you can park in your garage, tow with your SUV, drive wherever you want and the handling is so easy that you will take it on any trips throughout the year.

Firmly grounded

ATR is Swiss Engineered and proudly manufactured in Canada.

Modern interior design

ATR makes canvas resort living unique and personal. The resort can be equipped and furniture arranged based on personal preferences and mission purposes. ATR is compact for extreme travelling, yet once setup offers a spacious living area comparable to a midsize RV trailer. The beautiful interior is made of natural and breathable materials such as red cedar for a healthy aroma and cozy atmosphere.

Join our family business

ATR invites tourists, enterpreneurs and investors, who share our vision in creating the ultimate resort experience, to partner with us. Partners have the opportunity to supply complementary products and services through our resorts and expand with us wherever we travel. For more information contact us at [email protected]