Model ATR-P

ATR-P has been developed for professional tour and resort operators. ATR-P satisfies highest customer expectations with a large living area, many additional amenities and resort variations. All ATR-P models are build in commercial quality. Many unique features combined make ATR-P adaptable to almost any environment  and preferences.

Luxurious design and 2 rooms layout

ATR-P offers a large living area that can be divided into two separate rooms. ATR in general has no firm attached furniture like traditional recreation vehicles, instead furniture can be freely arranged based on personal preference and situation. ATR-P is a great choice especially for longer resort stays as the setup and handling is slightly more complex than ATR-T. ATR-P can be used as a home.

The royal colonial style

ATR-P's elegant design leans on the noble colonial royal lifestyle. Warm colours, natural materials, functional and beautiful campaign furniture, large windows and door, create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. In travelling mode ATR-P has a tough and rugged appearance with riveted silver or coloured aluminium, setup ATR-P represents a luxurious, high-end resort.

Features & Options

ATR incorporates many unique features that make-up for its name "All Terrain Resort". All terrain because of its off-road capability reflected in the independent suspension system, lightweight and compact design, the unmatched balance levelling system and more. Resort because people simply enjoy to live in it year round just like a private cabin, but geographically independent.

ATR-P (standard)

ATR -P (options)

gourmet kitchen

on and offroad

river crossing

bath & shower

all seasons & climates

off-grid power source

leading levelling system

campaign furniture

< 500 lbs roof load

group configuration

garage storable

lifetime frame durability

living area 24m2 - 258 sqft