Model ATR-T

ATR-T has been developed for extreme on and off-road travelling. The compact trailer, its aerodynamic design, low gravity center and independent suspension system allow cost effective travelling and storage. Build with a similar technology used in the aerospace industry, ATR-T is an extremely light, reliable and durable product most SUV's can tow.

Extreme capabilities

Wherever a 4by4 towing vehicle can go ATR-T will follow. Proven by American natives who lived in tents for centuries, ATR too offers year round accommodation even in extreme climatic conditions. ATR's leading balance & levelling system enables to establish camp at the best lookout sites where no one else can in this setting. ATR can handle harsh salty ocean beach conditions.

Spacious, cozy and clean interior

ATR-T offers a spacious living area comparable to a midsize RV trailer or a small cabin. The beautiful canvas is breathable, allows creative design styles and lets light shine through creating a wonderful and healthy living atmosphere. While permanent sunlight exposed canvas last for about a dozen years, ATR's canvas is not always exposed to UV rays and can be easily replaced for a brand new ATR look even after many years in operation.

Many unique features and options

ATR-T is loaded with features that enhance your outdooor recreation resort experience. The roof drive on ability for example empowers outdoor enthusiasts to take their ATV or Skydoos with them. ATR-T's multipurpose capability turn this product into a great accommodation with various other year round applications. Pre-order your ATR-T today!