ATR-T has been developed for extreme on and off-road travelling. The compact trailer, its aerodynamic design, low gravity center and independent suspension system allow cost effective and extreme travelling. Build with a similar technology used in the aerospace industry, ATR-T is a light, reliable and durable product most SUV's can tow. Learn more


ATR-P has been developed for professional tour and resort operators. ATR-P satisfies highest customer expectations with a large living area, many additional amenities and resort variations. All ATR-P models are build in commercial quality. Many unique features combined make ATR-P adaptable to almost any environment  and preferences. Learn more


ATR-S is in development for seasonal, stationary resort applications. For all those who prefer to stay at one place, don't want to setup anything, but just step into their wood framed canvas resort, ATR-S is the perfect choice. ATR-S can be setup in form of larger camps providing plenty of rooms for your family, relatives, friends or groups. Coming soon.


Looking for a traditional cabin? Not everything is necessarily posted online, nor is it always easy to find a cabin that fits your needs and even more so exeeds your dreams. Besides or own products we can help you in finding and organizing the right dream cabin for you here in beautiful, supernatural British Columbia Canada. Contact us.