Organized Resort Vacation

ATR's organized resort vacation are for those who seek a special getaway without having to organize anything by themselves. Most exclusive sites, pre-setup infastructure, optional shuttle service and served gourmet meals are awaiting our guests. This opportunity is ideal for honeymoon, anniversaries, business seminars or any special, valuable occasions.

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Exclusive Resort Sites

Canadas enourmous natural wealth provides an incredible diversity of landscape and sceneries for unforgettable resort experiences. Whether large sandy beaches along the coastline, desert hills, vineyards, mountain outlooks, waterfalls or badlands there is a spot to encounter your dream. Guided tours and other recreational services are available upon request.

Introduction Offer

If you like the idea of fully organized ATResort vacations together with your loved ones you can help us turn it into a reality by booking your vacations one or even two years ahead of your event. This will give us plenty of time to organize the details of your event as well as to learn what ATR's professional resort package should include to exceed yours and many others expectations!

(*) We want to honour the first 50 earlybirds by offering sensational 50% off regular price. For more information please contact us at [email protected]