Become an ATR Rental Fleet Co-owner

ATR wants to build-up a rental fleet in Western and Eastern Canada together with partners. These two locations will provide guests coverage over the second largest country on earth. While the fractional rental fleet ownership program provides the necessary funding, fractional owners in contrary receive a return based on their chosen preference.

How it works

ATR offers two product models used for rental purposes starting at a sales price of $50,000 and $75,000. The product sales price is divided into investment blocks of $5,000 each. By purchasing one of these blocks an investor becomes a fractional owner holding 1/10 respectively 1/15 of an ATR rental unit. For each block partners can decide what type of return they prefer to receive over the next 10 years; either 20% revenue participation, one week free ATR vacation per year or marketing exposure.

The 20% revenue block

Partners who purchased an investment block of $5,000 receive a return worth up to $12,000. Investors who choose to receive 20% revenue over a time period of 10 years know that adaptable and unique accomodation usually does much better than industry standards. ATR maintains two separate rental fleets in order to prioritize and allocate paying clients to the fleet asssigned to generate maximum revenue. At the end of the term investors receive the remaining ATR sales value on top, which is part of the ATR booster factor!

The free vacation block

Partners who purchased an investment block of $5,000 receive a return worth up to $12,000. Partners who choose to receive one week free ATR rental vacation per year (regular rate is $1'200 respectively $1'800/w) can accumulate up to 3 weeks at a time to take full advantage of their investment. This investment assumes little risk unless the person cannot take full advantage of their investment. In such a case investment blocks can be sold at any time. Partners can further maximize their return by taking family members along at no extra charge.

The impact sponsoring block

Sponsors who purchased an impact investment block of $5,000 receive a return worth at least $12,000. Business or private sponsors finance ATR vacation for single parent families who can't afford to take well deserved vacation with their children. In return ATR rewards sponsors with exclusive marketing material and exposure. Wherever ATR travels, memories will be shared and your company mentioned. Sponsors will be published in our marketing campaigns, magazine articles, newsletters, website, videos, photos and events. Expect your company brand to be increasingly seen at the most beautiful places!